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Antibody Engineering

deepCDR Biologics

combines mammalian display technology with advances in machine learning to move beyond experimental screening and search the entirety of the functional sequence space.


Our in silico and in vitro engineering and optimization services enable us to search billions of potential candidates. This exhaustive search results in optimized lead antibodies that have enhanced biophysical properties and affinities for their target antigen, giving our clients increased confidence with the molecules they bring forward into preclinical and clinical studies. Candidate antibodies for deepCDR optimization can either come from the deepCDR discovery process or be provided directly by the client.

Image by CDC

Benefits of deepCDR optimization include:


  • Optimization in the final format of the antibody (full-length, mammalian expressed IgG)

  • High throughput screening of diverse libraries by flow cytometry

  • Increase in manufacturability (increased expression, solubility, stability, and removal of sequence liabilities)

  • Increase in therapeutic efficacy (increased affinity and specificity)

  • De-risked immunogenic potential

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